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I spent years in a rut of gaining and losing weight. I tried every diet you could possibly think of looking for that “quick fix”.  I was unhappy and I was tired of not being able to feel good in my own skin. It was hard to be with people that I would see as living the life I wanted when it came to health.  I was watching my friends take control of their life and making the healthy choices; this made me sink further into my unhappiness. I felt like I was the only person in the world that could not do it.  I finally said enough is enough so I walked through the doors of Curves. I decided to give it 3 months of my life and try.  It didn't take long for the excuses to once again start.  denise was teaching zumba® and it wasn't long before it was suggested to give it a try.  I thought there is no way I am going to be able to do that. I hid in the back row I barely moved so as not to bring attention to myself. I didn’t’ like Zumba®  at all and wanted to stop.  denise talked to me about what she went through.  She was someone who had “been there”.  She told me her story of where she came from. this was huge turning point for me.  any gym i tried never had anyone that really knew. before long I started to see REAL results and  started to crave the activity.   Now 3 years later I am healthier, stronger and Through all this I also became a Zumba® instructor. This is the very story that I said to myself will never be me.  Zumba® gives people a sense of being included, support and friendships all while becoming healthier physically and mentally. For me this was exactly what i needed, it changed my life.

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My fitness journey started in 2011. I had battled all my life with my weight and an eating disorder. I was 244 lbs., depressed, and lacking self-confidence. I was tired of feeling ashamed of myself and not being able to live the life that I was dreaming of. In March of 2011 I gathered some courage, laced up my running shoes, and shyly entered into my first Zumba® class. At first I wasn't quite sold. I was sweaty and felt awkward trying to keep up with the class. But then I had a moment that sparked inspiration and a drive to stick with it. I was actually doing a salsa and killing the hip hop routines in class. I felt stronger, happier, and I started to shed the pounds. In just one year I lost 100 lbs with group fitness classes and a clean eating diet. I became a new person. I felt alive and wanted to share the power of fitness with everyone I met. I became a licensed Zumba® instructor in 2012 and never looked back. It is my goal and my passion to bring a variety fun and affordable fitness options to everyone regardless of fitness level, gender, or background. I look forward to getting FIT, having FUN, and being FABULOUS with you. 

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