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Mission Biz E News Article By Clare Seeley 

Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity Awards 2019 Nominee: Inclusive Environment Award 

Business Excellence Award 2019 Nominee: U40 Award & FINALIST: Local Contribution Award

Inspire Me Fitness Zumba (r) classes are full of positive energy. They are inclusive and can be adapted to any fitness level. There are also a variety of classes to help meet fitness goals. The instructors encourage participants to push themselves just that little bit more but are also respectful and understanding of limitations.The venue is awesome as well as the sound system. But the bet thing about Inspire Me Fitness classes is that they are FUN.
                                                                                 -Janis F.

Mission Regional Chamber Of Commerce Bussiness Excellence Awards Nominee 2017 and FINALIST

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"Inspire Me Fitness has a great variety of classes and Denise and Candyce Are always bringing fresh ideas and new material to keep it interesting. This is a great place to get a great workout and have fun!"

                                                                 - From Amanda j.

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Appearance on Mind, Set, Go Season 2 

I have never found a fitness class or program that I stuck with until i found inspire me fitness. the classes are fun, everyone is inviting, and the instructors are amazing. i love how i don't have to set foot into a gym and how truly inclusive and body positive inspire me fitness is! it does not matter if you are a beginner or athlete there is a class for everyone! 

                                                                               -Lucy h.

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Business Excellence Award 2018 Nominee & WINNER: Local Focus Award


"Denise and Candyce genuinely care about the participants, and strive to make their classes as enjoyable as possible. Stellar people. Fun classes. Go check Inspire Me Fitness out!"

                                                           - From Georgina M.

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Tara Caffelle Featured "Super Couple"

"Such fun classes positive energy and awesome music makes working out a blast!"

                                                             - From Sierra c.

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Daily Extra Article By Verronica MacKillop


Modern MaMa Article By Ashley Cau

"Well named business!! Denise & Candyce are fantastic! They really do inspire me! They are full of energy & the classes, while hard, are fun!"

                                                                           - Sandy N.

"I have finally found something that I absolutely LOVE and doesn't feel like exercise!!! Denise and Candyce are so inspiring and the atmosphere feels like one big happy family. There is absolutely nothing that is intimidating......just lots of FUN!!! Thank you!!"

                                                              - From Sherry F.

Denise & Candyce at Inspire Me Fitness have changed my life.  They have found a way to provide a truly welcoming, fun and judgement free environment that makes you WANT to come back! I have been to many gyms, classes and private trainers and have never had the success I have had in the short few months I have been part of this group. Their name, Inspire Me Fitness is so perfectly fitting because that's exactly what they do; they inspire me to be healthy, to be happy but most of all they Inspire me through their own successes. Through them I see a better me.
So much love for these strong women!

                                                                                    -Amanda s.

Empire Radio Now Live Interview 

"I just want to say your classes are the best I have ever been too. I love going. you show compassion for everyone and really make us feel like a team encouraging one another. I am looking forward to moving to your new location. BEST Group Fitness CLASSes in mission!"

                                                                      - From Lori m.

"Awesome classes! You work hard and leave energized!"

                                                                             -Beth f.

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I am so grateful for Denise and Candyce.
Becuase they both have had their own journeys to get to where they are today they can relate to the struggles that their participants may face each day.
They provide a body positive, safe environment so you can step out of your comfort zone and try new things and push yourself.
In the last 8 months I have gone from someone who barely had enough self-confidence to walk thru the door to someone who actively participates in 5-6 classes per week.
I can't even begin to describe what a difference these ladies have made in my day to day.

                                                                            -MELANIE F.